Articles, Clips and Thangs

Shalom Sistas Interview with Yours Truly & Cara Meredith: Dear White Peacemakers, Your Bookshelves Tell a Story

On Being with Jericho Brown, Small Truths & Other Surprises

TEDxAmsterdam, Rogier van der Heide: Why Light Needs Darkness

Zora Neal Hurston, Essay: How It Feels to Be a Colored Me

Eccentrich Richardson

Spoken Word Poem, “Hush”

Donna J Hopkins

Minnie Lee Langley
60 Minutes Interview: Remembering Rosewood
Rosewood Oral Histories

TedTalk Encore

Swagger Playlist

Mamie Till Mobley
Last Public Engagement 2002
Clarion Ledger Article
1996 Interview

Dr. Laryica Alaine Hawkins

Doria Ragland
Town & Country Magazine, Proud Mom Doria Raglund
The New Yorker, The Profound Presence of Doria Raglund

The Story & Women Behind STEP the Documentary
STEP: A Different Side of Baltimore
Paula Dofat
Coach G

Patrice Gaines
2017 Interview

Melody S. Mobley
Mountain Journal, The Deep Dark White Forest

Nigeria’s Missing Girls & Amber Evans & The Black & Missing Foundation
New York Times, Kidnapped as Schoolgirls by Boko Haram
The Black & Missing Foundation
Interview with Amber Evan’s Mom When Her Daughter First Went Missing

Coretta Scott King
Speech Just Week’s After Her Husband’s Assassination
Interview with Mike Wallace 1968

Is Racism Still A Problem? Depends On Who You Ask
KERA think podcast interview with researcher Juliana Horowitz who’s Race in America 2019 survey shows that how Americans’ view race is dependent on race in perplexing ways.